At this time podboka famous actresses and their first roles.Angelina Jolie First role: "Cyborg 2, 1993.
Natalie Portman.First role: "Leon", 1994.Eva Mendes
First role: "Children of the Corn 5: Fields of Terror", 1997 ,Cate Blanchett
First role: "Paradise Road", 1997.rew barrymore
First role: "Altered States", 1980.Scarlett Johansson.First role: "North", 1994
Demi Moore First role: "Parasite", 1982

Meryl Streep First role: "Julia", 1977
Jamie Lee Curtis.First role: "Halloween", 1978

Fran Drescher .First role: "Saturday Night Fever, 1977

Monica Belluci .First role: "Dracula", 1992
Julia Roberts.First role: "Satisfaction", 1988

Kim Basinger .First role: "Starsky and Hutch" (TV series), 1976

Jennifer Beals.First role: "My Bodyguard", 1980