Hohlofon from DENIS SIMACHEV
Denis Simachev created a design for Apple iPhone4. Received a specialSeries SimaPhone 4. RF. Looks like this:

In addition to all the well-known brand khokhloma DENIS SIMACHEV, the phone has a new addition -
on the back of the panels are not familiar epplovskoe apple logo and the light domain. Russia - Russian
Cyrillic domain zone, which became a symbol of the national Internet.

Plugs speakers, metal frame, active buttons and screws SimaPhone 4. RF covered with gold
750. The total weight of the gold coating is 5 grams.

SimaPhone 4. Russia will be available in four colors: Classic Red , an elegant black and refined white as well as the trendy youth style (Rave). And, of course, to choose from - 16 GB or 32 GB.
Phone exactly like the fans of all national and simply dandies - to fans of stylish gadgets.The first batch is already sold on the hands, the models available so far only for pre-order

Domain. Russia has appeared there is no accident: the phone is specifically designed for domain names registrar
REG.RU. Here's what he says Denis Simachev its creation: «SimaPhone 4. Russia - is an image Smartphone
for the Patriots, who take pride in the fact that they can access the web in their native language. We offer the opportunity
lovers of iPhones to speak about his patriotic. SimaPhone 4. RF - pride in their own "Russianness".