Fastest MLB pitchers
The reigning king among MLB flamethrowers, Aroldis Chapman almost eclipsed his own record recently, but the pitch was controversial. The heat's going up as the 2011 season gains momentum, but can this year's aces top the fastest pitchers of all time?
Aroldis Chapman
This Cincinnati Reds player holds the record for the fastest pitch in the MLB. Only a few weeks into the 2011 season, he may have beaten his old benchmark, but not everyone believes the pitch was as fast as the speed that flashed on the scoreboard.
Joel Zumaya
Since getting drafted right out of his California high school (which one?), this Detroit Tiger worked the minor leagues for a few years before blazing into the majors in 2006. He quickly became known as one of the fastest relievers in the league.
Neftali Feliz
Feliz was named Rookie of the Year with the most saves by a draftee for the 2010 season, making him the first Texas Ranger to be honored with the title since 1974
Bobby Parnell
Parnell proved himself an exceptional pitcher by earning the title of mid-season All-Star in three different leagues soon after getting drafted out of college by the New York Mets
Armando Benitez
Armando's roller-coaster career had it all: brawls, unsportsmanlike attitude, nickname-worthy failures and streaks of brilliant performance, which made him subject to both All-Star titles and stadium-wide boos.
Jonathan Broxton
While pitching for the Los Angeles Dodgers during the 2006-07 season, he had the longest no-homerun inning streak for his team since 1958.
Bobby Jenks
Pitching for the Chicago White Sox in 2005, Jenks became one of only two rookie closers to earn a save in the deciding game of a World Series. Now he's a reliever for the Boston Red Sox.
Randy Johnson
This baseball legend was selected for the annual All-Star game 10 times, won the Babe Ruth Award and became the oldest player to pitch a perfect game in 2004. He retired last year with the San Francisco Giants.
Matt Lindstrom
After being traded a few times, this promising relief pitcher is now playing for the Colorado Rockies.
Robb Nen
Nen's signature slider pitch became known as "The Terminator." He ended his career with the San Francisco Giants, retiring after sustaining a major injury to his throwing arm in 2002.
Henry Rodriguez
Rodriguez began his career with the Oakland A's in 2006 and was recently traded to the Washington Nationals.
Justin Verlander
This Detroit Tiger got a top pitching honor in 2005 and became the first player to pitch a no-hitter at Comercia Park two years later. His pitching repertoire includes sliders, curveballs and fastballs.
A.J. Burnett
Before undergoing surgery for a damaged elbow ligament, this right-handed starter for the New York Yankees was feared for his erratic pitching style that frequently yielded unhittable, record-breaking fastballs.
Rob Dibble
After suffering an injury to his arm, this temperamental major-league All-Star quit baseball and became an analyst for ESPN.
Kyle Farnsworth
Despite his indisputable skill, Farnsworth's unpredictable violent outbursts have made him an uncertain investment for the wary MLB teams he's played for. He's currently a reliever for the Tampa Bay Rays.
Eric Gagné
Gagné began his major-league career as a starter with the Los Angeles Dodgers. He later became a reliever, and his appearance on the field during close games elicited cheers of "Game over" from his fans.
Ubaldo Jimenez
The first Colorado Rockies player to pitch a no-hitter, Jimenez was the hardest-throwing pitcher in the major league's 2009-2010 season.
Tim Lincecum
Because he isn't tall, the San Francisco Giant had to develop an unorthodox style to achieve his record-setting throw speeds.
José Mesa
Mesa's pitching ability was essential to the Cleveland Indians' first World Series appearance in decades, but his poor performance at the end of the championship forever blemished his career.
Seth McClung
After playing just three seasons, McClung earned a nickname for his stature and the speed of his throw. He did not pitch during the 2010 season. The Texas Rangers signed him in December.