Is Harry single or not?

Though Prince William gets the fancy wedding watched by the world, the stunning bride, and the right to one day be crowned king, it is his brother, Prince Harry, who truly has the lifestyle envied by millions.

Harry, the self-styled playboy prince, has a public image as a dashing, debonair young man with good looks, a charming manner, and a status as undoubtedly one of the most eligible bachelors on the planet.

The question hopeful young women around the world are desperate to know is this: Is Harry single?

A few months back and the answer was a resounding "yes," as Britain's third in line to the throne reveled in the young-and-free lifestyle, being seen in the company of a series of stunning women and reportedly enjoying a fling with Norwegian pop starlet Camilla Romestrand. His confident persona, coupled with the fact that not too many women find a royal title a turn-off, meant there was no shortage of interest from the opposite sex.

However, it emerged recently that Harry's on-off girlfriend Chelsy Davy will accompany him to William's marriage to Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey on April 29, as well as two further private functions on the same day.
Chelsy, born and primarily raised in Zimbabwe, had looked very much like the one that got away. Royal insiders say she is the only woman ever to have truly captured Harry's heart, and the pair dated from 2004 to 2009. In 2007 Harry was said to be so smitten as to be considering proposing marriage, sparking speculation that he could beat his older brother down the aisle.

However, Chelsy's return to the scene does not automatically mean a full-blown reconciliation. The independent 25-year-old disliked the way she became paparazzi fodder during her relationship with Harry and came to be wary of life in London--preferring the quieter confines of her family's home in South Africa. Earlier this year, however, she returned to accept a position at a London law firm, meaning she could be in the United Kingdom for the foreseeable future.
Either way, the Harry and Chelsy Show keeps the British papers on their toes, with several publications gleefully reporting that the pair had been smuggled away from a London club in the trunk of a royal vehicle to avoid detection earlier this year.

Whether or not it is accurate to once again refer to Davy as "Harry's girlfriend," she is certainly back in the picture, even having played a role in organizing a second bachelorette part for Middleton, along with the bride-to-be's sister, Pippa.