Prince William & Kate Middleton
Prince William & Kate Middleton
He is second in line for the British throne  and the world is enraptured with his upcoming wedding to Kate Middleton. But how much do we really know about the royal and accomplished prince and his fashionista bride to be?

His family
His father, Prince Charles
His mother, Princess Diana
His brother, Prince Harry
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Hailing from the House of Windsor , William and his brother were thrust into the spotlight after their mother’s untimely death. William’s father took a lot of heat in the press for a new romance with a duchess , and Harry once wore an ill-conceived costume — but the family stays mum on most of the royal gossip.
His early life
Born: June 21, 1982
Birth place
What’s his full name?
Photos of William as a young boy

William’s mother shirked convention by sending him and his brother to a public boarding school, where William became captain of the swim team. How old was he when his parents divorced? In honor of his 21st birthday, the British Royal Mail put the prince’s image on more than 20 million stamps. See what it looks lik
His education
The university he attended
Where it’s located
What he studied

In 2001, Williambegan his collegiate life after having spent a year teaching children in a South American city and taking part in exercises for a land warfare branch. While at school, he played one of his favorite sports and met his future wife.
His military service
Where he trained
Where he serves now
His heroic job
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Because of his royal station, William likely won’t see active duty, but he follows in the steps of his paternal grandfather and joins his brother in serving in the military . Who is the longest-serving heir apparent in British history?
His volunteer & charity work
Helping the homeless
Conserving wildlife
Concert for Diana
Comforting kids who lose parents

If there’s one area where William has unquestionably followed in his mother’s footsteps, it’s in his charity work. Directly involved with several causes that were dear to his mum, he holds her former position and even once spent a night on the streets to show support for the homeless
Kate’s family
Her father, Michael
Her mother, Carole
Her sister, Pippa
Her brother, James
Their new coat of arms unveiled

Kate was raised predominantly in Berkshire, where her parents have run a party supplies business since 1987. Her sister is considered one of the UK’s most eligible bachelorettes these days, while her brother caused a bit of a photo controversy. Check out family photos.
Her early life
Born: Jan. 9, 1982

Birth place
What’s her full name?
Photos of Kate as a young girl

She went to nursery school in a Middle East country, while her parents were based there. She attended British independent school before moving on to university. Her childhood home is currently up for sale. How much is it going for?
Her education
The university she attended
Where it’s located
What she studied

She began college in 2002 and appeared in a university fashion show in a daring outfit  rumored to catch William’s eye. She would be the first British queen with a college degree.
Her career
Her first job
Her second job
Her job as princess

Recent reports indicate that Kate was always careful not to take on work that would compromise William. She began making public appearances at royal eventslike this special occasion as early as 2008.
Kate as a fashion icon
Known for crowning adornments
See some of her best looks
Immortalized with her signature color

Since her first famous runway appearance, Kate has been turning heads. Who is rumored to be designing her soon-to-be-famous wedding gown? See Kate in one of the designer’s looks here.
The engagement & wedding
Where William proposed
See the ring
Where they’ll get married
Who’s on the guest list?

Finally, the monarchy had something to get excited about when, after eight years as a couple, William and Kate announced their engagement on Nov. 16, 2010. The commemorative coin has been designed, the merchandise is ready to sell and the world will be watching on their special day.