Weirdest inventions
Weirdest inventions
Ever wish you could test your blood pressure while walking and measuring the amount of radiation in the air? Look no more, because the Super Smart Boot, as well as what could be the world's fastest shrimp peeler, was recently unveiled at the International Invention Exhibition. Check out these other weird inventions -- they just might solve some of the world's problems.
Toilet kit
Believe it or not, there are a lot of portable toilets on the market. But this inventor came up with a biodegradable, foldable cardboard version after this natural disaster.
If only Timmy had had this invention, he always would have known what Lassie was trying to say. It's not the first animal translation device. But the Japanese inventors of this dog-to-English translator also released a version for felines that was never made available in the United States.
Under-Ease underwear
Designed with a special filter to eliminate odor, this anti-flatulence underwear isn't necessarily stylish, but it is functional. Watch the inventors talk about the special-use undergarment.
Infant hand pillow
Have something more important to do than hold your baby? How about leaving these creepy disembodied hand pillows instead? See what they look like and watch video of the Zaky.
Wine rack bra
It's a cup-size-boosting bra. It's a wine rack. This portable device (see images) ensures you will never be thirsty again, although maybe a little hungover. Watch how the device is used. Oh, and here's something for the guys, too.
Motorized ice cream cone
Is it a novelty or proof that we've all gotten lazy? Watch how it works. You wouldn't want to injure your neck by straining to lick your ice cream cone, hence the need for the motorized ice cream cone.
Hay fever hat
We've all had a cold and needed a constant supply of tissues, but this crazy hat might be going too far. The same company also developed this so-silly-it-just-might-work baby attire.
Pet-washing machine
Marketed as a machine for dogs and cats, this pet-cleaning machine leaves an unanswered question: whether the clean pets are permanently traumatized. Or you could go the more traditional route.
Boyfriend arm pillow
Is your man out of town? This torso-inspired novelty pillow should help you sleep. Watch the commercial. You can actually buy one of these, but you may not want to leave it on your bed when guests visit.
Baby toupee
Wish your baby had more hair? Wish no more. Yes, it was a skit on a long-running comedy show, but it's also a real product.
Have trouble getting up in the morning? Addicted to the snooze button? This mobile alarm clock won't give you a break. Watch it in action. It rolls away, and you have to get up and find it to turn it off. Buy one now and you may never be late again.