Actors who can really sing
 Actors who can really sing As the second season of the hit TV musical "Glee " comes to a close the actors are proof that acting and singing can come in one pretty package. Even Charlie Sheen has caught the singing bug with the release of charlie sheen new single a collaboration with a rap star snoop dogg, ""Winning, " to benefit disaster tornado relief. Here are some actors with some real musical talent.
 Jeff Bridges
Veteran actor Jeff Bridges eased into singing with a performance on a popular late night show conan TBS where he performed "I Don't Know " from his Oscar-winning role Crazy Heart movie.
 Kevin Spacey
Oscar-winner American Beauty movie Kevin Spacey  added his vocal talents  to the soundtrack for "Beyond the Sea, " in which he portrayed a classic rock 'n' roll bobby darin singer.
 Russell Crowe
Russell Crowe fronted the rock band commonly abbreviated TOFOG 30 odd foot of grunts and released several tracks. A few members of the band, including the actor, evolved into The Ordinary Fear of God who continues to record listen to their songs my hand my heart songs.
 Minnie Driver
Though she did not sing in the film version of "Phantom of the Opera, " Minnie Driver did sing a song listen learn to be lonely minnie driver that composer Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote for the film. Her album everything i've got in my pocket minnie driver includes many of her own songs.
 Evan Rachel Wood
Vampire queen on a hit HBO show true blood , actress Evan Rachel Wood  provided the vocals  for Lucy in the musical romance "Across the Universe," a film inspired by one of the biggest boy bands The Beatles of all time.
 Lauren Ambrose
Classically trained as an opera singer  Lauren Ambrose  now sings New Orleans-style ragtime with the seven-piece band Lauren Ambrose and the Leisure Class. Watch her perform.
 Kevin Costner
Kevin Costner  founded the country rock band Modern West  in 2007. The band has released two albums  and has toured internationally. Modern West also performed at this major sporting event in 2007.
 Anne Hathaway
Actress and 2011 Oscar co-host, Anne Hathaway  enchanted audiences and serenaded this famous actor. She  sang two songs in a bewitching fairy tale  and gave voice to a free-spirited bird in 2011's "Rio "  and showcased her musical talents for two songs in the film and the soundtrack.
 Dennis Quaid
Dennis Quaid  plays with his band The Sharks  for the love of playing  but has not sought a recording contract. The band has played shows for the past 11 years and has included songs by a former Quaid character .
 Catherine Zeta-Jones
Before her breakout film  Catherine Zeta-Jones  attempted a music career in the United Kingdom. Her vocal talents were showcased in the big-screen version of "Chicago ".
 Robert Downey Jr.
"Iron Man " star Robert Downey Jr.  has sung on several of his movie soundtracks  and released his own album  The Futurist .
 Scarlett Johansson
Golden Globe nominee  Scarlett Johansson  debuted her first album with cover songs from Tom Waits. Her second album is a collaboration with singer/songwriter Pete Yorn.
 Leighton Meester
Leighton Meester  of "Gossip Girl " fame, played the role of a young country singer in this recent film . She has released several singles  and an album. Watch her music video for "Somebody to Love. "
 Zooey Deschanel
Born into a Hollywood family  Zooey Deschanel  was destined for the silver screen, but her talent doesn't stop there. She is one half of the indie folk duo She & Him  and plays the piano and ukulele.
 Bruce Willis
Known for his "Die Hard " series, Bruce Willis  enjoyed a brief music career with a hit single  reaching the No. five spot on the charts in 1987. He followed up with another album , but has since largely stayed away from the music since.