FBI sued over $750k car

FBI Agent Wrecks $750K Ferrari, Gets FBI Sued.The FBI has destroyed a $750,000 Ferrari and they don't want to pay for it.You're probably picturing a heated chase, gunfire and a crash that ends with the Ferrari thief caught and cuffed in the back of an unmarked vehicle.
Eh, no. It's more like an agent and an Assistant U.S. Attorney went for a joyride claiming it was "official business."
Official business or not, the insurance company that owns the totaled vehicle has decided to sue the FBI, and they want all their money back.
The FBI Ferrari saga begins in late 2003, in the great state of Pennsylvania. A Ferrari dealership reported the car stolen and submitted a claim to the insurance company. They paid up and took ownership of the stolen car.
In 2008, the Ferrari was confiscated in Kentucky and moved to a warehouse for holding until the thief was prosecuted, reports The Detroit News. Then came the crash.