Meter reader who found Caylee Anthony's remains testifies

The meter reader who found Caylee Anthony's remains testified Tuesday that he didn't touch the bag containing the toddler's bones after he spotted it in the woods and called police.

Roy Kronk discovered Caylee's remains in December 2008 in a wooded area near the Anthony family's Orlando home. Under questioning at the murder trial of the girl's mother, Casey Anthony, Kronk denied ever moving them.

Kronk is a key witness as defense attorneys continue a strategy of casting doubt on the forensic evidence in the case.

In opening statements, the defense suggested that Kronk tampered with the 2-year-old's remains and might have moved them at some point in hopes of claiming a cash reward for finding her. They hinted at that motive during questioning Tuesday, but Kronk denied it.

Kronk first told police in August 2008 that he saw something suspicious in the woods along his route, not far from the Anthony home. Kronk called authorities three times over several days, but they found nothing at the time.

"I saw an object that looked a little odd to me," Kronk testified Tuesday. "I told them I saw an object that looked like a skull."

Defense attorney Cheney Mason asked Kronk if he touched the suspicious object or moved it when he saw it in August.

"I never was closer than 30 feet to that bag," Kronk said.

Kronk returned to the area in December 2008 and spotted the remains, which were then recovered by authorities.

Mason asked Kronk if he shared what he'd seen in August with anyone else. Kronk said he mentioned it in passing to a roommate, but nothing beyond that.

Kronk said only "I believe so" when asked if he knew there was an award being offered for finding the child.

Nearly every member of the jury could be seen taking notes while Kronk testified.