Man vs. Wild
"Man vs. Wild" - an adventure on the transmission channel «Discovery Channel», in which the host 
Bear Grylls is planted in all sorts of wild places, and shows viewers how to survive and find 
help. Transmission is also known under the name «Man vs. Wild »,« Born Survivor ». 
Bear Grylls - survival specialist, a former soldier British Special SAS, shows how one should behave in situations where you were in the wilderness for air or sea or crash like a lost tourist. With him, he usually has a knife, a flask of water and steel (sometimes a rope or a parachute). The program shows the skills of orienteering, obtaining food, building a simple shelter and finding water. In recent seasons there are episodes where Bear Grylls spends time with local tribes of those places where being shot and learns from them survival skills.
 If you can catch a fish, you have to eat them raw. The main thing for survival is the energy and protein. And sometimes to a different lechinok, snakes and insects.
 In one series, Bear Grylls had Select is selected with a desert island, and he decided to take a desperate step, the construction of the raft. 
Watching on TV it seems that he is alone in the vast ocean and not even see that sitting next to sound engineer, so we are well Beara heard:) crew, of course it does not help, it will be maximum if prismerti, it will help. The show everything honestly.

 Probiratsya through impassable swamps - unreal work.
 Sometimes it happens.
 Transmission is removed from the ice-cold Patagonia. subtropical jungle, to the hot deserts.
 Bear Grylls In general - this latest hero! :)

 In 2005, together with the balloonist and mountaineer David Hemplmanom-Adams and Captain-Lieutenant Alan Vilom, head of the parachute team of the Royal Navy, Bear Grylls set a world record for the highest formal dinner party, which they spent in the balloon at an altitude of 25,000 feet (7620 meters) dressed in ceremonial form dining and oxygen masks. For training before the event Grylls carried out two hundred parachute jumps

 Many people think that the dangerous part of our shooting is deadly shots, but most of it - the weather or the environment, which may be even more dangerous. In Australia, for example, was a 40-degree heat with 100 percent humidity, which means that your body can not cool down. It was not unbearable hot, but we continued to shoot. That's when it gets really hard.

 The program demonstrated such tricks like lifting a rock Grylls, a parachute jump from a helicopter, balloon and aircraft, paragliding, climbing on the glacier, crossing river rapids, wrap around the head of the urine-soaked t-shirts, drinking their own urine to escape the heat in desert battle with an alligator, a dream within a camel's carcass and a jump from the waterfall. Grylls also tells the stories of explorers, lost or killed in the wild. The program is broadcast to an audience of more than 1.2 billion people, making it one of the most high rating programs of the channel "Discovery".