Children's Foot Moskvich. Made in the USSR
 Good day to all! 
I present you the children's pedal car "Moskvich". Made in the USSR State Standard. The third and last edition. 
Released in 1989 In 2011, conducted a full cycle of restoration. The body is aligned, welded, painted with high quality original paint "Orange IL-28." Bumper, front, drives, shields, suspension, all analyzed and restored in accordance with the original. 
The whole mechanism is properly adjusted and otdefektovan. It works silently, not booming, rotates smoothly. Lubricated and stretched. Seat covered with beige leather with a stitched orange thread. The windshield can build a new one. Molding on the sides of the body a new one.
headlamps and flashlights otrestavrirovanny. Posting a restored headlights are on. All fasteners, bolts, screws, screws, nuts, washers, etc. down to the smallest details - a new one. All restoration was carried out to as close to the new state of the instance. According to the results - 99% of the original except for leather seats.