Anoreksichka corrected for the sake of love
Usually, girls lose weight for wedding fanatic for hours looking at his reflection in the mirror and rejoice, if the dress has become more free to sit. Kate puncher - exception. She was delighted when she noticed that her dress is too small!
The fact that Keith from his youth suffered from an eating disorder. "Trigger" that launched anorexia, a statement by her boyfriend, made ​​long ago, when the girl was only 18. He threatened to leave her as soon as it starts to get fat. Instead say, "Goodbye!" The young man, Keith started the fight against excess weight.

In the course followed by all the "classical" methods anoreksichek - laxatives, vomiting after eating, starvation. In 1999, the weight of the girls has reached historic lows in the 25 kilograms, she stopped menstruating. She made fun of his body so badly that doctors have only to state - the children will not.
Fortunately, in 2005, Kate became acquainted with the brave firefighters and Barry fell in love. The feelings were mutual. The turning point came when the groom bought a charming wedding dress size 8 (roughly equivalent to the Russian 40-42) - two sizes larger than she wore then, and put forward an ultimatum. Or his love for gaining 19 pounds a year, or ... no wedding.
Kate agreed, despite the fact that the idea that you have to get better, it seemed terrible. "I was ready to do anything to become the wife of Barry," - she recalls. The girl refused laxative, there was three times a day and added to their diet red meat, so the process went quickly. Two weeks before the wedding, she wore a dress to make it fit on the figure. It turned out that the outfit a little tight fit. "Any other woman would have been horrified, but for me it was a major achievement" - continues Kate.