Great gift your loved one
In this original gift can please a loved one. It will not look corny, on the contrary, a very creative idea. See how to do it.
Take a Kinder Surprise!
Expand very carefully so as not to damage the wrapper.
Knife divide the egg into two halves.
We take out the toys .. To collect and play!
Write a note. Or take a little something syurprizets.)
We turn off.
Put together with delicious candy in the container.
Closing the (logical eh?)))
Pour boiling water over the knife.
Melts the edge of the eggs with hot knife.

Then QUICKLY put the container in an egg ..
FAST & More until the edges are melted cover with other half and half to stifle sealed!
And the most difficult - to put back into the box and try to very carefully wrap all the way bud something between you and the egg does not exist))
And now try to give her beloved like promezhdu way .. such as "Went to buy bread. So you bought vkusnyazhku - catch:)" )))))