iPad with their own hands for $ 125
If you are looking to give someone close to iPad or iPad 2 for the new year, but you do not have enough money - do not worry! We want to tell the remarkable stories of a Chinese student Wei Sinlun, who did not have enough money to buy his girlfriend iPad as a gift for his birthday, he independently produced for her "own hands". The original device has turned out several times cheaper than the original cost and all students in USD 199. According to the author of a new device for the manufacture of the tablet it took him 10 days. Originally purchased a used laptop for $ 78 on eBay which was extracted from the processor, motherboard, graphics chip and display. To buy a battery and a touch screen out more than $ 50. The remaining money went to other trifles and chips for the device.

Powered pseudo iPad on Windows 7. According to the student, he did not install the official version, and this has saved $ 100. In addition, the tablet can be read, watch and play, simply touching the screen.