Stunning pictures which do not distinguish from photographs
All of these pictures - it's brilliant creations fotorealist that amaze people with his ability to write incredibly realistic works of art! These paintings are so realistic that is very, very difficult to distinguish them from the photos, so we attached pictures of the process of creating masterpieces.

 Paul Cuddy - pencil

Kamalki Lorean - Acrylic on canvas

Gregory Tilker - Oil on Canvas
Lee Price - oil

Ben Weiner - Painting paints

Ron Muek - sculpture, mixed media

Kim Ji-hoon - Pencil
Christina K - pencil on brown paper

Ray Hare - Acrylic painting on canvas

Daisy - Charcoal
Alyssa Monks - Oil

Pedro Campos - Oil on Canvas
Dirk Dzimirski - graphite on paper
Thomas Arvid - paint on canvas

Rafal Buzhnovski - black and white paint
Buzhnovski photorealistic painted black-and-white self-portrait, the type of photography as if he was photographed for the visa. Then he gave this drawing instead of a photo in anektu for a U.S. visa. Employees of the consulate did not notice anything unusual, and in the end, the artist received a visa with a copy of his painting.

Paul Cuddy - Pencil on paper
Robin Eley - Belgian oil cloth
Samuel Silva - Ballpoint Pen
Gottfried Helnwein - oil and acrylic on canvas

Franco Clan - pencils on watercolor paper
Kelvin Okafor - pencil

Amy Robbins - Colored pencils

Mike Bayne - oil on wood
Robert Longo - Charcoal on paper

Diego Fazio - Charcoal

Brian Drury - Oil on wood